My last real post was over two years ago. I accidentally logged on to this account when trying to re-log in to my current one.

I’m sure none of you will see this, and most of my active following is long gone now (either deactivated or unfollowed). But I guess here’s an update:

I’ve since graduated with my degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography, and a minor in Art History. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man whom I met on Omegle of all things. I am living with him in a small apartment in northwest Chicago. We’re getting married in August of 2015. I have two pets. Two adorable hedgehogs that I love dearly. I am working as a nanny for a paycheck, but I’m trying to get involved with a nonprofit that is working on creating an app to give people walking tours of the public art throughout the city. I am NOT a wedding photographer like I said I would be. If anything, I would like to call myself a documentary-style photographer. I still love photographing people, but not in a Pinterest-y way like I originally loved to do.

I think I’m going to start this blog back up. After stalking myself all night, I realized that I missed being fearless while photographing. Any thoughts, ideas, or anything that came to me, I wrote down and posted. I can’t even imagine myself doing that now. I think my schooling taught me to overthink and be overly critical of my work. But I hope that by relaunching this, I can bring myself back out of my shell. Even if I don’t get responses from this, I can at least have my thoughts out and in a slightly more tangible form.

What was it that I used to say? Love and Rockets?


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I’d love a wedding like this

I’d love a PHOTOGRAPHER like this! Dang!

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Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth, guys!

School just got CRAZY there for a while! I put so much time into my Medium Format film project, and I really didn’t have any time to focus on my digital stuff at all!

Things have really changed since the last time I posted. It’s amazing what a breakup can do to completely turn things upside down. I really thought this guy was great, but we’re definitely better off not together. No biggie though, because I’m happier than ever! I don’t have anyone holding me back from what I want to do. So I’m being your typical single 21 year old, and enjoying my “privileges,” if you will. Haha no, I’m not implying I’m some kinda party-addict, getting drunk every weekend. Not even close. I’m just being more social and going out more than I used to! It’s been awesome, because I’ve met some really amazing people in the past couple months! And I’ve actually been on a couple dates, and it’s been…well…awesome, actually! I’m typically the kind of person to hang out with a guy I like once and then BAM, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s nice to just have absolutely no commitment when a guy takes me out…I’m just getting to know someone. I mean, if I really like a guy, I’ll see him again for sure. Haven’t found anyone good enough for a second date, but hey, I’m testing out the waters! I’m not even LOOKING for anything, I’d rather stay single! I’m just having fun. (:

I’ll be busy again once school starts up in a couple weeks. I’m enrolled in a Large Format photo class for this next semester, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m also joining my school’s photo society, so I’ll finally be making friends with the people in my own department. Yay!

But anyway, I hope everyone’s still doing well, and shooting everyday! I wish I had time to look through all your recent work! But I still wish you all the best of luck! Love you all!

From my last senior session. Got to take pictures of Brianna, like I always do. :P

From my last senior session. Got to take pictures of Brianna, like I always do. :P

Head shot for my a cappella group’s fall concert. I actually feel pretty in this one. (:

Head shot for my a cappella group’s fall concert. I actually feel pretty in this one. (: